a1 rizz
12 freestyle


So I was Rebel Lion and then I was Kid Rebel

Now I'm A1 Rizz, so that's like a new me

So I gotta do this sh** right, right?

("Who you think you skipping, you dumb a** hoe?!")



Got both hands on that a** like I double slapped Trump

Make that booty go bump

Got more ba** than the bangers in my trunk

Got your hands to the Lord like Kirk said, "Stomp!"

Give it one minute, guarentee I hit it

Quick round of applause. So splendid, money I'll spend it

Then I might just go and cuff her like the law


Imma cuff her like the, imma cuff her like the law

n***a, imma cuff her like the law


Zetus Lupetus! A1 Rizzy is a genius

Swear yo chick been s**ing penis since a fetus

I can't believe this. These girls faster than some cheetahs

See no future, ain't no Raven

Matter fact, it's all dark like I'm covered in some Ray Bans

With some grey Vans and a Blasian

Always asking me, "Where you from? Is ya Hatian?"

Anime/manga nerd prefer girls looking bleach

And I can't f** with 3K like them crackers in the sheets

Industry pay a mil or else I'm out the music deal

Independent most pretentious when I'm spitting out some real

From Miami, ain't no chill 'less it's Netflix involved

My best friend get calls from out of Texas and Wales

And I am 6 feet tall, balling like I'm Jordan

Imma pull up in that foreign with that foreign

You can't f** her with that 4 inch

That door hinge won't bust

That's just boring and just ain't no fun

Money rule the world, so pay up that price for the p**y

Mama told me, "Just bump that Debussy."

No stussy band/camo

Walk in your girls' crib like it's Hump Day

But n***a we punt out them camels

Blow out your candles

Exposing these hoes like chancletas and open toed sandals

I'm too much handle. I'm two plus a handful of a**

And she drop that like it's anvil

Stay nasty like landfills