[Chorus: A1 from the 9]

Trash n***as act hard on a Sunday

Make a phone call getting' whacked on a Monday

Still chef chef on an odd day

Call up bro. 22 that's gunplay

Haze in my zoot, while getting' brain

Lose control so I nut in her face

All these bars straight from my brain

If you rate this flow get the f** out my face

She licking the cum of her face she says it taste so good like

Chocolate boy like me how come it taste so fruity

I'm not being rude little cutie I just want face no booty

And opps side girls moving booky

Still moving like they wan do me

Got a couple bro locked in feltham

Couple bro locked in belmarsh

You can act all hard on the streets

But i can get you whacked in jail dargg


E from my g's from eddy (9)

n***as say that they want beef, i can tell your teams not ready

My life ain't sh** on telly, hit n***a up hit his belly

Talk about opps got plenty, broski invested in semis

All this lil kids like, yeh zone chatting my name are you f**ing dumb

Run a n***as mouth on the net, got my right here like s** ya mum