aamir aziz
endangered species of our honest goldsmith

A semi barbarian in a civilized society

Whose unacknowledged magnified tears at times

Provide mute testimony to your abject disregard for him

His idiosyncrasies do sound awkward to your novice ears

When he intervenes the self-nurtured riots of warring ideas

While joining the battle as an equal but separate combatant

And thence embracing his martyrdom in the same bloodshed

He constitutes his theology by drinking ,

the essence of venomous fruit of life in one gulp.

Knits the fine fabric of notions and ideologies

With the most precious silk of verbosity.

His terse though tentative tickling with words and sounds

Occasionally engages him in self torturing skirmishes of beliefs and faiths

His wails and groans escape your notice in the times of your affluence

And in adversity he laughs at, but not with you.

When hegemonies meet with united resistance,

He voices the slogans of the leftists.

Who dares stop him from lashing out whips of reproach

On those who make man bow before man.

Via the ladder of fancy,

He ceases virginity of all organic and celestial secrets.

His intellectual somersaults lend proverbial charm to commonalities.

Is he still barbarian, liar and whimsical in your civilized society?

Where he mocks at those who play a play within a play.

While unleashing all curtains which separate man from man.

Though he is not fortune's favourite,

He belongs to that cla** of humanity