aamir aziz
funeral of innocence

an overwhelming pathos becomes impetus to this anthem of lament

I am an innocent dove, imploring for regain of my lost dynasty

where I laid eggs and my new ones opened their eyes.

An unknown apprehension of kites and falcons

led to the most irretrievable blunder on my part.

I reared a gluttonous serpent for guard of my best legacy.

It was nourished with the best of my daily findings.

Time pa**ed and the count of my ova went down,

and so was with my offspring, just stains of blood remained.

Blame was laid on the vultures and their a**aults,

and hence it placed an excuse for its inevitable stay.

The thought of migration stung me, since I loved my haven

a time came when I was declared an outcast from my heaven.Why to express regrets for the nest when the tenants are gone!

Would that I had an eye to see through the common heresy and superstition.