aaron kabeya

Verse 1:

Late night scrolling on the gram

Damn, one time got another man

Body slam, after the taser went blam

Didn't work so of course 6 shots followed

Another black father's dead, still feelin hollow

Even tho it sounds crazy, I see it on news daily

Cases go swayze, so does the anger and the pain

As I see a thick frame, who's the to blame

For the lack of change, as point to the obvious

Three fingers point back, how strange is that

Be the change I wanna see, but in this case

It dont work like that, you can still go and end up Gettin hurt like that, now I question my thirst

For the place that'll bred and birth the dream

Close to my heart, next God it's the best part

Of my day, I pray I can walk the streets of NY

And not feel a way, feel alive I want live

Not survive, and not fear homicide

From a man sent to serve

This is the realest stuff i wrote, this is realest stuff you heard

One times at your body, one times at your mind

One times at your soul, one times at your shine

Verse 2:

As times goes by, an eye and eye

No surprise, people rise, shame

Cops had to die to realise, lies truth was denied

Prepare for the rise of people, Dallas was the first Movie

And I don't want to see sequel

As I prepare for my journey

To city of dreams, the city ain't what it seems

Yh man I know what you mean, but my heart

Set a beam on city supreme for dream fiends

Despite all the drug dealing, gun slinging

Son k**ing, slug singing, racism, much needed

Gracism, for place filled with so much facism

Gettin pulled over bout a fat lip, wide nose

I pray but the skies closed, lord what you

Really want me to do, give me the strength

To help my people through

Verse 3:

I think I understand the process

A man dies, we protest and cases

Get put rest, on one hand I feel blessed

Cuz it could've been me, but that problem

New motto yo

Forget the police, i wanna feast hand me a nine

Turn this place the middle east, no peace nope

Violence is not the way, as we're trying to make

Em pay, all that's left to do is to pray

But without works its dead like the black lives

That don't seem to matter, lets reply by making

Their pockets less fatter