aaron kyle andresen
engage 54

[Intro - Ahlsocrazi]


This is Operation Engage Sub-project 54

Just hear me out alright

Maybe you'll come to understand

[Bridge - Ahlsocrazi]

In secret our heroes dive in, from the SS Jolly Rancher, they've come to win

These soldiers arm themselves with guns for naught, the Eternal Mother's heart, they'll forever stop

Pushing genetic boundaries on through, is exactly what they've come to do

After the Eternal Mother's life comes to a close, everyone else will know how we roll

Sydney, Australia is the place we be, so follow along on this journey

[Second Bridge - Ahlsocrazi]

The mission was purely selfish

My wish, the Angel of Saletum

Had one goal: impregnate the Hive Queen, Gaga

The directive came straight from Me

Meaning Snardak Ballehoo, the myth, the legend Himself

Who saved the Aarosphere and created a new world

But it would take two creative geniuses' minds

To find

That one cannot circumvent a world-sized problem with mere outside-the-box thinking and one-mind – it takes the Hive

The problem of the Aarosphere was beyond Snardak Ballehoo, but what Snardak lacked in creativity he made up for You in leadership

The Angel of Saletum, the Hive King, was the greatest creative entity the Aarosphere had to offer

And Gaga, the Hive Queen, was in a realm of her own

No one could stop her

On Earth. The two must consummate to meld their two words into One

On my God, I'm going to yell

“Group Delta, Group Delta. This is Ballehoo.”

"Roger, Ballehoo, this is Delta Delta who.”

“You are to take the Hive Queen intact. Do not, I repeat, do not eliminate that”

“Affirmative, Ballehoo. Delta inbound.”

[Debriefing - Ahlsocrazi]

The mission was central to the survival of Rhaldek-kind

The Angel of Saletum would need to reproduce with the Queen and the Hive

And the sanctity of the alive

In the Aarosphere and the Earth depended on it

"Queelor, you better get rolling, you better not stop it."

"Jory better go"

"Robert better, too"

They would escort the Angel of Saletum into

The All-phones Arena

Capture the target and exfil

To Paul Allen's private jet where consummation would take place still

But first, they'd enjoy the show

“What's the plan, Quee?”

"I don't even know."

“Everything is going according to plan. We have received intelligence from our agent

On the ground that the Hive Queen took the package

The sedative has been administered.”

“Sedative? What?”

“Military-grade Diphenhydramine, sir


"By the time Gaga hits Telephone, she'll be nearly comatose.”

“Is the doppelgänger ready, Quee?”

“Yes. No one will know she is gone. I'll hack into her social media accounts while you are on

While you and the Black Modgee Crew are securing the target. Her dominance ends today.”

We must start it up

The mission:

Engage 54

“Are you ready to usher a New Age of prosperity

You're, moving towards it right now, you are

You hear it in your rhymes

And you hear it out the yard

You hear it in the Bird

And You hear it across the nation

In your sink and in your toilet station

“Does a bear f** in the woods, sir?”

“Does a Goddess f** on a jet plane?”

“She does today, Sir.”

I'm Absurd (x4)

[Trail Off - Ahlsocrazi]

My God, I'm going to win

Because I'm full of Jesus' gin

I've been commissioned to speak on his behalf

So grab a time machine

Slow this down and make it last

The world thought I was dead


I never left

You can pretend

I was never resurrected

But I'm stealing all your lumber

So there won't be another blunder

I've awakened from the slumber

So sleep on me, I'll put you down under

As in hell

Locked up in your own cell

You can scream, but no one will hear the yell

Unless they turned the world upside down and you fell

Oh my, that's rude

Jesus is a little crude

But it's okay, because everyone wants to see him nude

And if not, that's cool

Because I endorse people's propensity to choose

And that's just the story about the Jews

And I, well, I guess I'm done with that song