aaron kyle andresen
im a space cow

[Background Refrain]


A Yeah Yeah Yeah

A Yeah

Yeah Yeah Yeah

A Yeah

A Yeah

Space Cow

Space Cow

Space Cow

Space Cow

Moo Moo

Space Cow

Space Cow

I'm A

I'm A

I'm A

[First Bridge]

Oh Ha


Let's start this ssh** in a different way

No yo oh no oh no oh no yo yo

Back it up

Eh ah, eh ah, eh ah ah ee nameno

I know that it's just me

I'm Just gunna be a Little Weird, a little insane

A little brain brain d-d-dead dead


And I know that I'm just gunna, just gunna say

That I know

That I know

That I know

God f**ing damn this sh**

I'm so sick of it

Every single f**ing time

I wanna rhyme

Here it comes again

1, a 1, 2, 3

I think this motherf**en bee is in my knee

God damn it

An arrow, too

I think I'm in Dovahkiin with you

Work in Skyrim

I'm k**ing the bears

And you're on the couch with your brothers

And that could be anyone you know

It could be my *Censored* and it could be *Censored*

But it's not

Because I'm just gunna be

A little peacefulman

Listen to me and I see everything I wanna see

Cuz I'm praying in my mind's eye

And I believe

And I know that I'm just gunna flow again

And everyone is going to follow me to heaven

We're going to the top

Motherf**er can you feel the beat drop

I think its still going forward

I think its rising up to the crescendo and I own it

The lights might go out

Because I am a space cat and a cow

And I think that I just might move tonight

Because I feel the Even Stevens' sight

What's her name?

I don't know

I think it's Ren, oh yeah, d'oh

That is

A really s**y b**h

I'd love to get inside of that sh**

I think she's about 30

And I am 30

So I think that means if we f** together that means 60

What the f**

Add 9 and that's okay with me


Alright and I think I'm feeling good

I think you just might look under the hood

And find a V-Liter, a V-Liter, V-Liter

17 two-seater

And I am

Just what I am

(Middle Refrain, Evolution of 'I'm Not a Sheep')

With a

With a

With a

Wika wika

A bleat a bleat

A bleat a bleat

Mother mother

A bleat a bleat

I'm not a sheep

I'm not a sheep sheep

I'm not a sheep

I'm not a sheep sheep

I"m not a sheep

A bleat bleat

Not a sheep

Not a sheep

Not a sheep

Not a sheep

Motherf**en Space Cow

Space Cow





A motherf**en Space Cow

[2nd Bridge]

A little crazy

A little little scammer

That says he knows the way

But I'm just as lost as every other motherf**ing Modgee

I know I don't know where I'm going

I don't know

But I'm showing

You how to be free

How to bes G

And how to find Victory

Alright now I've talked about Victory 18 times in 17 other things

And I know that I'm just going to let it god damned go

God f**en f**en f** f** f** and I know that its just whats up

Because im a little crazy inside my head and I know

That's just okay with me

Because I'm the motherf**en rappin' modgee

That came out of Space and Time

And k**ed the beat