aaron kyle andresen
the d**h of nurple

[Intro - Ahlsocrazi]:

Blub, blub goes the slug (x3)

Blub, blub goes the slug, slug

Go blub, go blub

My dubba dubba dubba dubba dubba yubba dubba doo

Yubba dubba doo, number two, yubba dubba doo, yubba dubba doo, yubba dub

[Rub a Dub Yubba Dubbing continues]

[The Main Hit, Running Across the Bridge - Ahlsocrazi]:

The upholstery painted purple and green with Rhaldek Cheese

Squeezed out of the broken left knee of a deceased Rhaluvian Bee Queen

It bequeaths you, to open up your mind to the New Zoo, the one of creepy, crawly intelligent bumps in the night

Crawling into your bed to cause fright, anxiety, dread and worry

Nasty something surrounded by nothing

But fate is spurring him on, it seems, into a crime against another

Brother of the First Order named Lover, the Lick of Rickety Lame

Who tripped, fell and landed in this game

His criminal defense: insane

He said, the last breath he'd ever breathe

Was a monstrosity that transformed into the juices of a wet poisonous queef

That smelled like ten-pounds of rotten beef

I think he just wanted to make a scene before he leaves

The trial of the century on every sentient being's television screen

The first scene in which he's seen

The director of his life, The Sheeptilian King, preparing me for the obscene

I won't give it away, or else there'd be no point to this play

So thus I say

Nurple was his name

He did nothing wrong but feign insane, so down he laid

At command he was placed on a gurney named Bernie that was burning

Held by one hand, by the man named One Hander Ander who dawned a belt sander

In his teeth after he fell into a Pink Panther's Pack of Poodle Peckers

And Eric Decker got decked, like a falling house of cards just stepped into a KFC and got into a bar fight with Big Bird on his side

Smashed Ernie's head open and hopped in his ride, a yellow 455-litered, 2-seated beater with no heater pushed down the road with a flat tire and an HIV screener

Oh me, oh my, I just started World War 5 between Russia, China and some blue guy named Sly who had a bunch of washed up action heroes standing by his side, two planets popping out of his eyes

I can't decide if this rap is absurd, my vision's blurred, or a 354 pound women's wrath is what I've stirred

I'm scoring, soaring, sky high, over the orange moon tonight the boy-genius who came alive with air under the lines of his eyes tonight, a child prodigy, progeny of Einstein's seed

The last transdimensionally

Bound thing, you'd think you'd ever see, I guarantee, you'd best believe this being-turned doppelganger green, a cash-money cloned dream sent by S.P.A.C.E. (Space Planning and Celestial Exploration)

It's all the same

Either way

He's already labeled insane

By D-A-R-P-A

His head's too small for his brain

His wing span is inane

The D-O-D

Has identified that he's 3-years-old with a 4-year degree

That is soaked in the pee of a Relubian Hamster

He is a threat to national security, and insurgents need to target the national Swede

Amba**ador that asked for his autograph, he's now soaked in a toxic bath, the aftermath of this noxious rap, spewing from a Reptilian Mind that partially shines, two-fifths Mississippi, three-quarters Rhine

An artistic-dancer, radiomancer, and a prankster with an

I.Q. score denoted by two sizes or more, I mean a triple 3

Golly Gee

Upon first glance you'd think

This might be, a bout of synchronicity, as you look on from below in your C-A-G-E and see

His social security

Number, Oh, that's a blunder, you thought it was the key to release you from this slumber, the bliss that you now know, coming from your soul to the Old One, that thunder you hear is the synapse of his mind

It's divine, humankind's sublime gift to Rithimus Prime, creator of the Nine Swine

Gods who conjured Nurple's father and my wife from the gunk left over from a dead Fly's Compound Eye, stabbed by the Relroost Knife of the Lickity Split Lie and mixed with a key-lime pudding pie on the swatter that caught her below the

Eye of the cosmic potter of life designed with sh** and His cum-stained wife's vagin