alone in the street

She walks alone

Alone in the street

She's comin' back home

Alone in the street

Warning , woman , behind you

There's a shadow

You don't know it

But it follows you.

The fear… Hasten your steps…

The fear hasten your steps

But running is futile

'Cause a hand stops you

'Cause you are…

Alone in the street

Shadow rapes you

Without shame

You scream out for help

But shadow joins of it

Hoping to free your body

Shadow obtains

What it came for and…..

It f**s… (4 times)

You scream out for help

But nobody can save you

'Cause it leaved you alone

Alone in the street.

Pain and sorrow

Are your friends now

You'll take with yourself

This unforgettable scar.

Now your body is free

But Shadow obtained

The same… What it …

Came… For…'Cause…

It raped you…

Don't worry woman

Shadow will not pay

will not pay…

'Cause you were…

…Alone in the street