thirst for blood

One day is some day

One man as another man

The same weapon

The same way of use

Walkin'on the street

Watching human being

I choose my victims

I follow 'em till the right place.

A man or a woman

What is the difference

Blood is the only exciting thing.

Insane of mind , obeyng only to

My animal instinct.


I'm serial k**er

I'm prowler of man

I need you because

I'm thirsty for blood.

My lethal weapon

Will open your skin

Will shed your body

Will make you die in my arms .

Your d**h , your blood is

The only thing that

I need to satisfy my thirst

Meaningless move

Meaningless way to be

I'm born deviate with

Something wrong inside me

Insane of mind , obeing only to

My animal instict


Give me your blood,

bleed your pain upon me.

give me your scream,

exhale yor breathe upon me.

Can you feel the noise of my blade?…

You're scared of d**h

You can't know when is your time

You can't know how

Is lovable the taste of d**h!

Another time

Another place

Another victim

Wherever the same lake of blood