money cars and b**hes

Complete Verse:

I'm just contemplating, lyrical placement

Fragments of life in rhymeschemes for your entertainment

Thoughts are layered over keys by Debussy

I stand with a universal aim to truth speak

Cries for help go unheard on this damn planet

But you listen cause you feel the music that I bang with

I'm the kid you wanna hang with, I speak your language

Paint a picture of a young mind with no canvas

Call me carter / here's a million and one questions

Speculating my direction / tilt my head back

Connect the dots and I'm making constellations

It's been hard to let my sh** out like constipation

What is God? is the question on my mind

I might be vision impaired but I swear that I'm not blind

Many wouldn't care / but stare and give me glares

It's unfair that I'm here / they say we don't like your kind

So I had a word with sister faith / deceptive in her very eyes

That's when I hit the brakes /

I asked her why do people put their hearts and their souls?

When you give them dirt but you promised them that gold?

She said my name is the key / the word is the word

It sounds absurd but from me yeah I swear you never heard

Happiness is about as blind as a bat / nothing's gonna stop you from flying till you f****** fall back

What's a person like me receiving all appreciation?

When the child who made the clothes you sit in can't get education?

They say God's grace saves / he's got his damn reasons

I got logic pro 9 that's something for me to believe in

S'why sometimes it's so hard for me to smile

When people think the world is fine they haven't walked a mile

In the worn out shoes of the lowlifes, the bastards, the a**holes, the dickheads, the bums and the inbred

Why we still got racists and skinheads? the KKK ain't treated as suspects

West borough followers allowed to make a racquet / holding they holy bible up and condemning gays as faggots

Rappers still braggin / bout they damn profits / like the world gives a sh** / sadly so do you

I entrust that to you / the TV feed and the news

We stuck in a clusterf** / a sh**storm / it really s**s

Live in a dreamland / think like a stoner

Everything's alright but truth is you're a loner

Gripping on to hope and hold reality close

If you ain't noticed my hands are full / would you open the door?

If we put our minds to it / we can live through the cold

Till I get old / I won't get sold / I'm spitting the gold

It's original none I stole / stay bold and observe / watching the world unfold it's called

Skin deep colors / like no other

Visions of the real world / bright like summer

I see numbers / answers and questions

Life in the rhymeschemes / learn your f****** lessons

Now the time has come for me to depart

So you could check me out and add me in your motherf****** cart

Now I got you thinking and we got the same doubts

So to end effectively / I'll let the sample fade out

I don't know much

But I guess thats enough