[Verse 1: Abhi]

It's been about a year since the Great Depression

And sh** is way depressing

They spread unemployment on the people like its gravy dressing

But stress is overrated

My life is automated

I get upset at Pizza Hut

That sh** a test my patience

I'm in great position

I have a GPA and graduated early think my parents made a great decision

I raised a baby kitten

I can accomplish things

I never think about a consequence

[Chorus: Abhi]

Tires and chains won't break me dog

These cuffs will never slow me down

I got the key right here

These cuts will never make me soft

My foes will never bring me round

[Verse 2: Foster]

Whips and chains, ropes and belts, ties into the news

The ties are tied into the noose

Guys are tied up into the new

Won't invite us cause we are different, drink juices that lights what's inside of proof

No vagina confides or holds back the fire you'll find in you

Please, I'm begging and searching manically

Upmost caution to keep folks and turkeys from early panicking

Motha f**a, it's f**in the motha f**as who breakin it down

Well have it broken by the time were done with makin this round

Stripping it naked, before were taking it out

Tires, chains

Entire slaves

Hired to wire brains


Gun cocked, who dead now

Then gun shots, who dead now

Raps is dead sound

El cap raps and goes to bed proud

Thanks momma