abigails ghost
for damien

Dashing young Damien

Blow out your candles

The future looks bright

And you're superstar bound

Too bad your nanny

Decided to leave us for good

Even though she's still

Hanging around

Hope you're impressed

That she answered your call

By kindly adorning the

Front gable wall

Heard you caused quite a stir

When the amba**ador

Learned you upended

His wife with your ride

Thorn in the emba**y

And the infirmary

Damien dear you're

A thorn in my side

Could throw you to jackals

But we all agree

That you shouldn't speak to your

Mom's family

What we say and

What we do


It's all for you

Take my hand

I'll guide you through

This raving world

It's all for you gain*

It's all for you

Granted, you're nasty

But you're not quite the picture that

Paul depicts

Cuz I've got your number and

It doesn't start with a six

Heaven forbid

That a frecklefaced

Kid could

Commit all those crimes

Must be an omen from hell for

The end of all times

Ave Satani beginning

Dark spawn of the flame

You give all the Satan kids

Such a bad name


It's all for you

How can it be

That the one with the key

To the fate of the world

And all humanity

Is this frightened young child

Tied and bound before me

In the pew

I see in your eyes

An attempt to disguise

That your ambitions come from

The master of lies

So these seven black daggers

Are gifts that are long


And it's all for you

Alternate bridge ;)

You're telling me

That end times prophecy

Gets fulfilled on the same day

RUSH plays MTV

And they open with 2112

In it's entirety

(And I've gotta pee)