monarch omega

Innocence. Intervals I cannot recall

Eliminated and replaced. With psychotic animals

Obedience. Disa**ociation overhaul

Synapses interface with cerebrally integrated protocols

Slipping in and out of sentience

Excruciating senses

Bio-cybernetic enhancements

Installed on adolescents

Monarch Omega

Isolate. Traumatized until fractional

Split into a clean slate. Readily extractable

Indoctrinate. Fabricate the unnatural

Victimize & segregate. Agitate the irrational

Triggered metamorphosis

Emotionless psychosis

Circumventing my own existence

Manifesting someone completely different

The wicked soul emerges

Corrupted flesh personified

A blank stare

Mechanical. Fragment of a shattered mind

Eradicate. My purpose unmistakable

Silently infiltrate. Erase the erasable

Assa**inate. A face I find unnameable

Though he tries to run his fate is inescapable

Victory not yet certified

I celebrate my own suicide