ac lane
aint my fault

LaShaun Love (Verse 1):

Coolest nerd, For Real/Pharrell gotta know

No birds twitter still grows

Word is I'm dripped to my toes

(Oh my)

Just blessed baby, stay humble

Do it for the cash you stumble

Finesse game strong my dawg now you hating wanna rumble?

(Ain't My Fault)

Don't hate the player, hate the sticks


(Oh my)

Controlling type never did love her

(Oh my)

Never could work for me, I'm too chill

k** Bill for my thrills, Tekken Tag too real

For my pick up line I quote 93 til

And you mad that it worked?

(Ain't My Fault)

Young Otto Rocket, stay wavy all day don't need any grease

(Oh my)

If I reached in a bucket at KFC would you be my piece?

(Oh my)

I go for the ladies you go for the hoes

There's only crabs down in the DM's you know

Whip whipping my Honda Accord like a Lambo with Butterfly doors... you love it..ha!

Ac Lane (Verse 2)

Not my fault we locked eyes, No string attached no knots ties.. You've got thighs that are so right, got me like.. (oh my)

Don't tell me that you're taken Unless we're taking a vacation.. To an island, yes I'm trying, to make you mine and.. (Ain't my fault )

Oh no you can't blame him. Hips eyes lips so amazing.. Here's my tip to those hating It won't change ya..

So tell me everything you thinking of.. Oh you got a man? Have you been in love.. Cuz I can see by the way you looking at me yall thinking splitting up ..

If not lemme back off, if so then I'm all for it..

Break it off, shake it off, some feeling, you can't control it..

Some feelings you can't ignore it, So hit me up if your phone works..