(Verse 1)

These n***as washed up

Want to ball til he crossed up cross us a crossbow at ya mom truck

Could you slay a man we saiyaman the way the palm bust

Truck look like a parked bus

n***as life stuck

Want to start sh** with no whip n***a start what

'Cus my j**els shine like some stardust 'cus a n***a m3 to flawless

s** my dick until you feel where my heart bust

Imma get k**ed goin to hard with my streak now

I don't do sh** i feel weak now

Been laying in the cave laying low with some freaks now yea

They only get play when they creep out

She only want to f** with me now yo she only want to f** with me now

Yo she only want to f** with me now

I ain't with the weak ones

You be on the sweet stuff wonder why the wolves

Always peeping where you sleep up, leadin n***as straight to the sheep but

n***as won't settle til the devil want to meet ya

All these devils in me the d**h of me now

Buy so much sh** im going senile

Like who the f** is me now


n***as ghost woah




Check my dope




b**h look at me now


Check my dope grab my coke you n***as broke HA HA (x4)

(Verse 2)

Feelin like god i make land out of birds

Dirt into sand i expand like it hurts

Damned to this sh** my gift is a curse soon as you big you got to live in reverse

I look to great now flying through with the cape out

Every time I hit the bank its a shake down

I could tell ya how it breakdown

They want to see how u stakeout give you sugar til you break out

Now ya a** ugly in a safe house cus you couldn't take how the sh** make out

Fame ain't turn em to a don you a diva

Pitch like i got 6 Arms boy im shivA

Can't give me army imma start me a war

Imma make all of my n***as lords

They dont got to trust us either mind of a cheater

Sk** to still beat it league of my own I'm to much of an elitist

Ye ye they trying to see where i lead em

Na not for me you gonna have to break my legs to take me out the season

Na na na some hoes think i'd be cuter not breathing

Why the f** its always a broke b**h trying get even