aces over kings

You've done it one more time

Followed through with the cla**ic crime

I know that you got lucky tonight

Now I hope that you've learned from this

Always seems like it's hit or miss

Next time it could be someone's life

I hope you're humbled now

What you say it means nothing

What you do is what you are

I know you know what's right

So break those strings and walk away

Make room for a better day

Don't you know that your worth more than

The bottle around your neck

Worth more than the feeling that you get

When you tip it back

It's over now and you're still alive

Another chance to do it right

Another choice to save a broken heart

Make a difference with the life you choose

You got one shot, don't abuse it

Your potential is up to you

Look at what's inside

You're stronger than you'll ever know

More important than you may feel

Reach for the sky

Understanding life is understanding Him

Understanding Him will change your life

Now I know, life is hard

You've got to fight to do what's right

You've got to fight through the night

Do you want to feel alive?

Stop living the world's lie