talk that talk

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[Chorus] (2)

Talk that talk right now (yeah, yeah)

I'm not to be messed with

I am not the best kid but

God sure blessed this (yeah, yeah)

But if my God blessed then why

Do some never make it into heaven (woah)

Decisions kids these days are making

Will never unlock heaven's gate

I guess that's my fate just throw out the key

Jesus walks. Follow me

[Verse 1]


What is with a the intensity

You call me up 1am let me sleep

Now I'm wide awake with your thoughts on

Some thot an now I'm on the brink of pure madness

If Rue had shot Katniss (x2)

Welcome to my palace

What kind of tale is this

The tale of one city a kid and a gun

Run I don't know how to keep my hands steady

Run cause I don't wan't this life wasn't ready

Run cause you don't deserve life wasn't ready

The fetti, the fetti I just want the fetti

The paper

Yes I smoke water vapor

The mist of the clouds somehow make me feel safer

Say what you want, I'll never get caught

Last to talk sh** ended up getting shot

(Chorus x2)

[Verse 2]

You got the best of me rest in peace

I'll just take the L but

I know it's hard on you yes it's true (I used you for love)

I used you for wealth

I had to save myself (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Put the money in the bag right now

I'm in too deep I won't make in jail

Don't want no struggle I need to post bail

Priceless I know what my soul is for sale

In the mail came in a Jesus piece

No returns it came in with no receipt

I have been trapped in the same belief

Why is the world always testing me