the destiny of david

[Verse 1: Ded Dav]

The moon's full mirror image of the blunt and dro

Hunt and sow seeds, hunter gatherer proceed with the deadly flow

Metal glow magma with the undertow, with something more

Sinister inside his brain make this f**ing temple blow

'scend this sh**, crimson blood manifest to Edison

Energy expanding know that I'm the medicine

Medics needed for these politicians only peddling

The betterment of the one percent through lies on the television

Tell em how I see em, I see em Colosseum

They my enemies at the front line and I won't stop till we defeat 'em

And I'm standing in between em, not talking two separate people

Talking head on the stake and the body laying down bleeding

From the neck, no disrespect but this generation infected

Effected with your brainwashed intentions we elected

But regretted to inform us the outcome already sold

Weight in gold given to the president for his soul

[Interlude: Ded Dav]

Yea man, f**ing everything's corrupt, you see me?

Everything's corruptible, everything's corrupt alright?

Religion corrupt, government corrupt market corrupt

I don't give a f** your corrupt, your blood corrupt, its all corrupt

So lets erupt the f** up and break the f**ing cuffs

[Verse 2: Ded Dav]

You got the f**ing nerve to tell me I'm a f** up now?

When I'm standing on my own spitting these words from my mouth

Got no support from the homies they think I'm borderline schizo

But no worries this warrior pushes until the system is crippled

From education costing all these students an arm and a leg

To people holding power holding signs saying "god hates fags"

Bring these f**ers from riches to rags, in ditches and bags

In rivers and lakes, bodies missing there's still not a single mistake

In fact sit at your stake you fakes deserve to ignite

And not ignite like myself who started a movement to fight

And not a knight like there's honor in just seeing your sight

But ignite like the light touched gas and illuminated the night

Fright, what they spreading in their tactics its always just fear

Its funny how when one war ends, and another always appears

And it appears the revere for real is fading too quickly

Cripple the conscious of the species its like you physically hit me

I'm feeling physically sickly within me this victim in need of a cure

To get the feeling so pure in a world of blood and manure

So i meditate and medicate to relate to a state known by fewer

The feuds are so futile beyond us, its like a bird thinking of sewers

While companies just thinking of how they can sue us, until they consume us

Control the politics and get the police to control us and shoot us

A mind is a nuisance to the government who plans to brainwash the ma**es