the most perverted perverse verse 16

(Verse 1: CJay)

I just nutted on everything from the neck up

Shut the f up

Can't afford to waste it, so you better swallow what's left slut

This the first time you was hoping I wouldn't mess up

Popped the cherry, looked like a broken bottle of ketchup

Crib special edition, having s** in the kitchen

Give me a second, have you cum in less than a minute

Call if you need me

All night, and all in the evening

You swallowed a bunch of fisherman, I call it my semen

So don''t forget to get loose, for n***as in my clique boo

Me and my dogs are sh**, so we a bunch of shih tzus

Without a leash, walking around the streets

We go hard, and b**h I'm unemployed

All I need is a blow job

You wanna make this quick cash, and get smashed

You get smacked, for asking stupid a** questions

Like, "Yo, do you lick a**?"

Now I'm looking at your a** in disgust

First you asked me to s**, but that's nasty as f**


I never had a girl as bad as you

But I don't plan to make it last with you

All I got is me, myself and that's the truth

I wanna do some nasty things to you (2x)

Do some nasty things to you

All I got is me, myself and that's the truth

I wanna do some nasty things to you

(Verse 2: CJay)

Nah, I'm over that I broke your back

But the p**y so powerful it'll make your left nut fall out your scrotum sack

I'm the type of person you might have heard of

I am quite perverted because I piped a virgin in a white suburban


And as crazy as it may seem

I ain't jack off until I reached the age of eighteen

That p**y too tight, baby I get it loose right

If I twist my dick in a b**h she'll get her tubes tied

That'll teach you not to f** with me

Cause living life with me is like a luxury, I'll let you s** for free

My dick is hard as sh** and when we f** it's marvelous

I'll watch the nut drip from your lip as you gargle spit

Lay with me in bed, because I prefer between your legs

Let the dick meet the p**y, but the s**m won't meet the eggs

sh**, I'm romantic hoe, but I can imagine your your vaginal damage

Ain't no need to panic hoe

I got the antidote, and all you have is hope

My wooden catapult and lay my ?? to any spanish hoe

And mama you know we be knocking boots though

I'm your numero uno, calling me papi chulo



(Verse 3: CJay)

I ain't gonna lie, you have me all in my feelings

You were wildin', acting childish until you swallowed my children

Digest it, thy not mess with

Real Prophecy is probably your main b**h that I slept with

Dick slapper take her face off with this sh**

This ain't baseball, but the whole squad get to hit

I smash just in case, your man ask if I pa** 2nd base

Well besides me she had s** with eight

Of my teammates, that makes nine of us

Fill a vagina up, got n***as waiting to f** her just lining up

Don't panic, don't bug out

I dug out her dugout

Sex ain't complete without head

Yes I love mouth

Precisely few strikes b

Cause I like the heat try

To fight me

Nah you're gonna get your wifey cream pied

In the morning she give me s** and some head

And the rest is just fed