Smoke, Smokin' on some thraxx

Shawty love the way your blood hit it from the back

Bust open the cat, if dolly ain't bad

I ain't f**in' with her, yeah I don't want no scraps

f** you thought this was?

Scrapped up, Wrapped up, in a pack of gauze

Couple packs of dutches, you ain't picking' up your calls

Pull up, Pull out, I ain't no Biggie Smalls

I ain't sippin' tech, naw I ain't gunna' lie

Shawty broke my heart, now I wanna f**ing die

I ain't down to cry, greifin' ain't the answer

My poor girly, yeah her brain eaten up by cancer

Lungs full of tar, pocket full of work, I ain't goin' very far

Not going very far

Ain't going very far (nope)

Shawty, you is brazy

I don't smoke too much, it makes me real lazy

I'm going f**ing crazy

Do some damn bath salts, now 12 gotta taze me

Real yung, and real gorgeous

Only 17 and i'm already whipping' foreigns

Can't f** her if she boring

Half you kids sleep, I can hear you f**in' snorin'

Broken hearted boys, can't hold it in so we makin' lots of noise

These girls just some toys

Whippin up some sauce, real foreign like the soy

Real foreign like the soy

Whippin up some sauce, real foreign like the soy

(Just like the soy)

Stayin' Lowkey, makin' my own money, no one f**in' with me

Nooses on my feet

Shawty at the crib and she feel in' up on me

Feelin' Florida breeze