adam m taylor

It's been 8 weeks 6 days 7 hours

Since you took my life away

Standing underneath a street light

Hoping you don't notice me

Making sure that he doesn't stay

And I just can't believe it's real

Can't believe you couldn't feel

Just know that I won't let another man steal what's mine

Just need a little time

And I know there can't be much more to say

Cuz all you do is talk talk talk

Why won't he just take a walk walk walk?

Can't take what's mine mine mine

I'm just looking for a sign I just need a little time

867 watching the clock tick

You say you're moving on but the words don't stick

You need a man to give you what you need

867 reasons that's me

8 weeks 6 days 7 hrs

Since you made the great mistake

You said we were moving too fast but i know the truth's that what you feel is more than your heart can take

And I know you're just playing games

But inside you feel the same

Now lie and tell him that you're glad that he came

Cuz your mine I just need a little time