adam mcheffey
dream sequence

So Long Island got that flood

The one that they said would come

It didn't seem to bother anyone

The coastal lights went down like sand

Just as they prophesied

Well no one really seemed surprised

We all headed for higher ground

And we took the whole damn town

And in a tavern high and dry

You won't believe who would come by

Billy Joel played his old song

At my gal's request

The one that she likes the best

Then my friends we took the fifth

All at the same time

Well Billy didn't seem to mind

I can tell what we're made of

I can hear my whole town sing

So please don't go there's nothing out there

Your world, tonight, is here

In a tavern on a hill

That my town would come to fill

When the power came back on

We turned it off and sang a song

So Long Island got that flood

The one that we all had feared

Worst one in eighty years

Nobody shed a tear, no no