adam mcheffey
shake me endlessly

Dark devotion on a cold blue slope

Tell me old friend where did you go?

So the snowflake melts on your tongue

Tell me brother, what made you run

Tell me brother

The constructs breathing, no, your eyes play tricks

One more hour one more fix

"You can't let me fall fast asleep.

Adam shake me endlessly,

Adam shake me!"

You went disappearing for so long

And now you're gone for good

So explosions in the sky

Will keep us starry eyed tonight

Underneath elephant tree

Swear and shake me endlessly

Say so if i let you down

You fell silent when you came to town

We take that silence onto dead air

Let's say nothing 'cause no one's there

Let's say nothing

All in all I feel like heading home

Well at least I feel something

Could it be the moonlight?

There's no way that it pulls at the waves and does nothing to you

So if it sways an ocean and draws at your veins

Well that would explain everything

Well if it ain't the moonlight...

Let's go disappearing once and for all

Here's your opus on the emerald moss

Dark devotee I'm at a loss

With no goodbye, you will leave

It will shake me endlessly