adam mcheffey
song 66

Song 66

Now boy, say you like this girl

And girl, says she likes you too

If only it were simple like it seems

Now, girl says she don't need boy

Well boy knows it just ain't true

A four-door ford's the next best thing to home

That shady looking lady couldn't be my Esmé

Esmé, oh Esmé, they said you went crazy

That's why I don't trust a soul

The woods are dark, so let's kick fire

Now boy, say you change your mind (well come on!)

And girl, she could change her's too

I can't tell who's doing what for who

Esmé she's a fighter, but she's still scared of spiders (spiders)

And Brooklyn is broken, Esmé picked up smoking

To keep the cold away

The woods are dark, so let's kick fire tonight.

Dashboards and stardust and leather and rubber

Morals and brandy and Ludo on shuffle

Black hair to blonde hair to blue hair and back

We only got one more night

Let's kick fire

Now, slowly, so slowly, you need to breathe slowly