adam mcheffey

Close your eyes

And visualize a place where we can run and hide

A shoebox diorama we can step inside, once it's dried

Paper, glitter and glue.

Open up

Just like a thirsty flower, like you're all grown up

And turn the morning raindrops into nothing but,

Your daily cup of love, love, love, love, love.

Still, I feel I'm missing pages

Love never dies it just changes.

Girl, our love's dimensional, like the work of vince van gogh,

Impasto and always unpredictable.

The unknown will be good to us

And please my wanderlust.

If you play my heart strings I'll be sure to burst into confetti and

Shower the morning with these rosy feelings I've for you.

Close your eyes

And give the globe a spin.

See where your finger lies

And plan to leave at daybreak with these tattered maps from travelers


The road calls me, does it call you?

Wrap your scarf

And gather all the paperbacks we love and can

And pour our awful eyesight into every word on every page.

The world as we know it will change.

Lover, come.

You can't hold out forever, like the morning sun.

The daybreak waits for no one.

Well, either way, i leave today.

The road is wide enough,

And calls out to both of us.

Let our wanderlust roam.