adam mcheffey
wishful thinking on seagra** shoal

Straight from the witch's brew

There's colors just for you

But no one can see them, or touch them,

Or magic marker on their sleeves

Lemon lover give 'em hell

Let grandma hear your rebel yell, oh no

I say pierce it, dye it, rip your jeans any which way

Little green knight mow the lawn

There's always work to be done

Uh oh, but workin' and working too hard

Will make you go pop

Doctor up that smile for me

And tell me it's all right

(Tell me it's all right)

A little lie would help me sleep tonight

"The change will do you good," they say

Yeah, well I've heard that one before

(I've heard that before)

So make believe

And lie to me once more

Mrs. Kellner make a toast

For you say you saw your father's ghost

They don't believe you

Forget them

'Cause I truly do

Swan he didn't want to wait

Took a bus across the continental United States

And saw Denver and Cleveland and Scranton

And tasted the wine

I hear it makes you go pop

Round and round we go

And not a day goes by

Without changing my mind

They say it's in my blood

To get like this

A fear I sometimes feel

So I breathe your woes

The world is flat

The world is round

It doesn't matter in this small town

Because no one leaves

And no one comes

This is all that it will ever be

And no one's gonna argue me now

I don't want to fight you in this made up land


Smile just a little more believably

Esmeralda take my hand

I'm going to Candyland

And you'll fit in much better

As a construction paper cut out