adam pascal
happy new year


How long till next year?


Three and half minutes...


I'm giving up my vices

I'm going back - back to school

Eviction or not

This week's been so hot

That long as I've got you

I know I'll be cool

I couldn't crack the love code, dear

'Til you made the lock on my heart explode

It's gonna be a happy new year

A happy new year


Coast is clear

You're supposed to be working

That's for midnight

Where are they?

There isn't much time


Maybe they're dressing

I mean what does one wear that's apropos

For a party - that's also a crime


Chips, anyone?


You can take the girl out of Hicksville

But you can't take the Hicksville out of the girl


My riot got you on TV

I deserve a royalty


Be nice you two

Or no god awful champagne


Don't mind if I do

No luck?


Bolted plywood, padlocked with a chain

A total dead end


Just like my ex-girlfriend

(on cellular phone)


I know you're there ...

Please pick up the phone

Are you okay?

It's not funny

It's not fair

How can I atone?

Are you okay?

I lose control

But I can learn to behave

Give me one more chance

Let me be your slave

I'll kiss your Doc Martens

Let me kiss your Doc Martens

Your every wish I will obey

(Joanne enters)


That might be okay

Down girl


I did a bit of research

With my friends at legal aid

Technically, you're squatters

There's hope

But just in case




We can hoist a line --


To the fire escape --


That bench!


I can't take them as chums


Start hoisting...wench


I think I should be laughing

Yet I forget

Forget how to begin

I'm feeling something inside

And yet I still can't decide

If I should hide

Or make a wide open grin

Last week I wanted just to disappear

My life was dust

But now it just may be a happy new year

A happy new year

(Collins enters with Angel)


Bond - James Bond


And p**y Galore - in person


p**y - you came prepared


I was a boy scout once

And a brownie

'Til some brat got scared


Aha! Moneypenny - my martini!


Will bad champagne do?


That's shaken - no stirred


p**y - the bolts


Just say the word!


Two minutes left to execute our plan


Where's everyone else?


Playing Spiderman


Ironic close up: tight

On the phone machine's red light

Once the Boho boys are gone