adam pascal
the time it takes to fall

It's okay, you're not alone

You're on the luckiest star that's taken you far away

Did you know, that the rain in the yard has taken to going insane?

A little nuts...oh, a little lost

She relates, she recoils

When she stands on her own, it takes her so far away

I didn't know that she was breaking my heart

She made it so warm and sweet

A little numb, oh, a little more

I know the story's getting old

I know the time it takes to fall

Sometimes it's all you need

A kiss, a please, a wave goodbye,

A dream, a drug, a kiss goodnight

Sometimes it's all you need

My head aches, I lay down

If I could only escape from the undertow that's pulling me down

I wake up, but Im waiting alone when I get to the end of the day

A little numb, a little late

I can see, in the dark

You're so easy to trace, like a moth to the spark in your eyes

On my own, keeping time to a mem'ry that once was the beat of my heart

A little down, a little cold