adam riegler
what if


What if she never totures me anymore?

How would I manage?

What if she never nails my tongue

To the bathroom floor?

What if she walks away

Leaving me a-ok

Hiding each power tool

Why would she be so cruel?

I could stab my arm myself

Could rip my tonsils out

Could set my hair aflame

I could spray my eyes with mace

But face the fact, without her

It wouldn't be the same...

Pugsley (Spoken):

Grandma, what if there was this girl who met this person and they're gonna run away and live alone and eat apples

What would you give her?

Grandma (Spoken):

Nothing. She's your sister. Be happy for her

Pugsley (Spoken):

But what if she doesn't get rid of him? What if all the good time are already behind me?

Grandma (Spoken):

That's life, kid. You lose the thing love


Wednesday will drink and then

She'll be herself again

Lucas will leave her be

So she can torture me

Just like she always did