adam rosenberg

I have never been anything but isolated and confused

And this world loves to hear pain so I should make em ramused

Evil people in every territory stories are told in allegories

Don't dhold on that strangers hand he's posing as xJzx:sdDarohn calipari

Calimari! I feast on calimari I don't need to finds a party I x smoking on a smarty

Never in trouble if your tardy no ones discluded from the party

sh** I don't ever wanna turn 18


La la la don't you wish you was a baaaaabby

Back when nap time was the only time we'd break rules

Back when I had a job and didn't have to clock in

I must be flying so high deep breath we loftiiin

Don't you want a diamond watch put it on and dine on scotch

So many blocks when will it stop we botch the top

Take em to the land we sacrifice all that we worship

Hardship is hardship these whores can have your dick

If this is all we really we have go to school and pick an option

Here they say I have potential but when I go home I'm lofting

The environments are so different I can't pick one identity

Hardly ever sleep I'm low on energy, druuugs like the 70's

Watch watch out for the evil lurking all around ya I

I'm an underachiever, f** you and ya sneakers

Ima battle you then bounce like a husband that's a cheater

I be rapping by the ounce, smoke good before I eat her

Authorities stripes get swiped I never Liked a zebra

Yeah you think that your a rapper but you ain't up in the market

And you've been bound to mess up we can't rewind to kindergarten

But if we did I'd let you know that your chanceee you gonna miss it

If you wanna hold the crown you better transfer school districts


f** your life

f** your goals

Only one, can roll

I am a misfit in this modulated picnic get the business you witness to see what the kids get

Ohh I've been dreaming of something so irregular

My wave buzzes through ya cellular I'm here to hang up the phoneys

I remember being young without stress feeling cozy

I remember first hearing bout manu ginoboli

Playing outside running in and drinking sobe's

Now we grown up its coming to an end, like kobe

Patch the end loose like Adobe

All I ever do is write fighting my mind in this cockpit

Jungle with the lions lemme get you locked in

Every days a farther initiation towards Satan

I'm by the boards I see you hating, the studios me

I feel completely worthless till the songs are complete

And I'm only 17 this ain't dishonest from me

To say i might be the next rapper to join cap steeze

But if that happen that's OK at least rap fans will respect that

Sometimes the greatest legends were made in the graves they were left at


So so so so sincere

So so so so so sincere

So so so so sincere

Every one in a while I get the lyrical exercise

Been doing this for years y'all rappers just been circumcised

So open ya eyes react, but first just respond and adapt

Don't let me think your little boy needed that Ritalin tab

It's the Psychoanalytical pivotal rapper light n the piff like a raptor I turtled ya I'm impulsive tell ya kids don't go to school

Roses on my dick baby come on make em blossom

Error in my land but I'm leaving for what is gotham

The musical cubicle that shifts test to the root of all

Subjects of the newest call, join it or you will fall

Call us bulk like hulk or Sylvester the mighty f**ing introspectors

Either join it or get served cereal of Peruvian puff peppers

Dope dude what I do's clever

Rap on a new measure

Girls scream like the intuitive man couldn't recuse to new lands the error lerror where we peerage through the wears of the wicked wizards wisdom mirror mama all i did www just give her pleasure all I did was just give her pleasure all I sees a feeble treasure mama was it gold or ether Nas wrote me a sleepy letter I lost empathy for my dawgs so don't pet her hi im Chester and I'm a dope dude and a f**ing rapper