adam the rapper
break your heart


And I knew I didn't want to have to do it at all


First rule of writing: show don't tell

So show me, don't tell me

I know you think that your cold flow's healthy, I disagree

You're ignorantly living if you don't know self

So if you're rapping in a faux road shell

Then it's back to the dojo, hold don't sell

I'm more drawn to the stories that hobos tell

And better times that arise when you own no wealth

Cause I know that

And if your flow don't gel to the beat then you're old hat

I'm sure you roam roads nightly

And wouldn't fight me, you'd knife me

Slice me, stand me in a toast rack

It wasn't edgy in the naughties

But now it's so trad, same old story it's boring

What's raw? The door's open

How about we step through it?

I'm at a rap gigs sitting at the back napping

My barometer will wobble for a sh** storm

Not a pot of muggy kid's talk, rickshaw swinging

Slip few pieces missing from the jigsaw

Here's a tip: keep lips zipped more

It's like watching flipping chicks brawl

It's never pretty in any city

Grim thoughts spark nights out vibes overboard

Like decency and good feelings hopped off this seesaw

To be truthful, I might do too much thinking

For a while back there I stopped listening

But now I listen in a few cats k**ing it

But more than a few cra** idiots exude ma** ignorance

We've let ‘em through, I've moved back witnessing

I'm mad tired of just making excuses like UK hip hop's good

Gotta find the gems, go back 5 or 10 years, what? Exactly

No more pa**ive Adam, my verb's active

Sorry if I'm being didactic

Been building a while, chest muscles need relaxing

Been chewing on this ish all day like a matchstick

Spark it off brickwork, make flame

Put it to the kindling I sling under a waste name

Here's another thing: what's with all the gay hate?

It's a waste of air talk page brain space

Even closed minds are on some live and let live tip

If a man digs men, why do you give a sh**?

Bring up my s**ual practice, I flex thumb and index that's two red holes in your chest from a nipple twist

And I won't say what my practice is

See what imagination will do

It's as relevant as having sweet or savoury tooths, right?

And I'm a pudding man, what?

I like a crumble and custard

You wanna rumble you f**wits?

I got culinary muscles too

I swing with my inner child, I got a bigger smile

You'll probably see it when I run at you

I put it down and I look around for something new, something fresh

Something cool, nah scrap cool

Just anything to move me

I moved to a new scene, it did me good

Jumped my boundaries like you probably wished you could

s** a lemon in a good way

Cleanse palate, look straight

Maybe even take down your hood mate, chill at home

I sound like a prick, I know

I wouldn't either believe, go figure Holmes

Just this box that we're in isn't getting any bigger though

I didn't want to

I just had to

Cause I consume this music

And I produce this music

I look around and see cats abusing this music

I just wanna be moved by music


And that's us (all of it)

Adam and Cuth (yeah)

Letters EP - done

So it's goodbye from me (bye)

And it's goodbye from Cuth (see ya)

(Ha ha) Thanks for listening, peace