adam the rapper


Yo it's Adam and Cuth

Welcome to The Letters EP (welcome)

We got some soulness happening

Open your ears, sit back, listen

[Verse 1]

I said it before and I'll say it again

It's that Adam Rapper, some guys are like 'Bruv, what's with the name?'

Imagination fail major

Click clack conversation, engage

Firstly I never chose it - it chose me

And that's why I roll with it

When I rap still put my soul in it

I never care to be a clone in it

Giving less about my bars than how my clothes are fitting

Never been the type to [?]

Cos I don't live it

Don't leg it [?]

I don't reheat so believe me I won't sip it

Think outside the box or you won't tick it

If you're [?] lyrics

Still Megadeth blood flow [?]

On sofa at home sitting

Coco pops flickers

Wrist twitch from your fingers your watch ticking

Snot drips as you dream of the crop [?] mission

Look around like 'What's missing?'

All the chicks that you're not hitting

Quit now - I'm not kidding

Point is I'm still Adam when the beat stops

I'm happiest jamming in my clean socks

In the caf where I scan, see treetops

[?] beer down

Full stop breeze off

(And I'm gone)

[Interlude 1]

So what I'm saying

Is there is a method

To the lack of madness in the name

It has been considered

I know what I'm doing

[Verse 2]

So that told ya

Conversation over

No? Don't you wanna separate your real and your stage persona?

And mask myself - I play with the cards that I'm dealt

That Bruce hit is jarring as hell

I could bath in the smell

And you can ask, man I'm hard to repel

When I get my way [?]


Knock 'em sideways

Pull aside [?]

On a lot of slobber like the high grade

Copping clobber like they're nice

What a lot of bollocks, keep following the signs mate

Or find me a fire escape

Spit rinse out the briney taste of these pickled fish

Trained in the ways of the fickle chimp

High on the end-stench

Tripping off a knicker-sniff

Days fade sitting where a mirror is

I'll trip him, shattering his image that's seven years tough luck

Revoked priveleges, I sip gin, spit good

You front tiddlywinks

So what you hiding? A paid job?

The girl that you care for, the slacks that you wear on your days off?

I'm Adam on the stage and the same off

I like beer, biscuit and Kate lots

[Interlude 2]

I'm not into clouds

At weekends I hate shops

I just quit a lame job

In a bar full of vain toffs

I'm kinda clumsy I'm there when the plate drops

Got a lot of metal CDs I'll probably never trade off

I think poetry is great, what

When I freestyle I take off