adam the rapper
hold that note

[Verse 1]

Yo, first thing I do is listen

So I'm sure that is pure when I'm through doodling

Amuse-bouche then I boost to the tune's movement

Time's sacred, so I don't do grooming

Ask polite like nice for [?]

And now I've got one I scan for the matter

Ear for the window, hand for the chatter

Mindful the taxman, snatching it back up

I hatch plans for a back up

Although plan A isn't more than

Don't be a plagiarist

Stay sick, keep ego reigned in

Pray for rain and stay in

Pigeon on the sill calls for outdoors

Words and sound caught

I miss chilling, [?] for a walk

Grit, discipline

Sit, scribble, tinkering

Cos if I ain't finished then I miss it more


Hold that note, hold the thought

Hold the door, hold the boat

Stop the car, raise the bar

Post the vote, Stoke the fire

Know your own

So hold that note, shoot the sh**

Lose your grip, load the votes

Take the call, scale the wall

Own the quote, stoke the fire

Know your own

[Verse 2]

Yo I'm straight up

You deal the cards and I hold my hand face up

Best under pressure, let's raise the stakes up

[?] recall what your name was

How it worked when I came through

Stay true to the way that I never made do

Locked in a book til I take two, make brew

Watch for mistakes it's my weakness I play too

Face screws for the fakeness

I see truth like food for the vagrants, booze for the wasters

A steak cooked blue for the 'gators

Back teeth sick of being spooned up potatoes

I need substance, sick I'm already sludge-drunk

Pa**ing [?] on the bench

Shots watch as I'm starting the carve now

[?] laugh in the dark and you'll pa** out


[Verse 3]

So what's it all about?

f** knows, it's a moment

Beat surf, dip toes in

Knees submerged, keep going

Neck deep, strike out til the sea's frozen

Take a break on a glacier

Wait for a mate or a stranger

Make sense of the place later

Drift til there's barren lands

On your Jack Jones, find caravan

Beg no man's luck, lost faith in your rabbit's hand

Back to basics, prayers for Orang Utan

Or a tree-based inhale ylang-ylang

Ignore orders straight from your Capitan

Jack cabbage patch

Rock shades, the very same shades as your cataracts

Don't think twice for the flies or the stench of the Calor gas

Laugh hearty, d**h to the gravitas