adam the rapper
the manifesto


Time to tackle something a little bigger

Guys, what you saying?

[Verse 1]

My manifesto's buried at the end of the garden

A shoe box full of perishing parchment

I cling tight to the dreams that I still harbour

Til I hear the shrill bark of the drill sergeant

I march in expensive boots

But I'm marching to somebody else's tune

Still I pay the piper in plain dollars

Pile my pape's while I try to remain conscious

Another number on the pay-roll

Brain-trained from the strain of the same-old-same-old

But when I get my chain swoll

Then I'm going AWOL from you A-holes

On a quest for my piece of mind

Until then, I'mma give you all a piece of mine

f** the internet, and f** TV

My free speech is knee-deep in faeces

Next levels of horror

Where the crest on your chest is a medal of honour

Repeat the news but don't dare speak the truth

They got us hanging from a neon noose

They sell it, we buy it, it's mostly horse sh**

The funds go to forces to go start wars with

We get bored so we go buy more sh**

That all ends up in the ground with our corpses

What a beautiful lie

Exhaust the fuel supply til there's no more blue in the sky

We gotta keep 'em in check

Rally the troops man, I'll put an Arab Spring in their step

Cos it's about time times changed

Bars rattle on the cage of my mind's frame

And when it's time I'm [?]

My manifesto ready for the day we ditch the dirt

[Verse 2]

My manifesto sits in a battered notepad

On a sheet from my life that I grasp with both hands

Ink-stained pa**ion in a backwards old land

Keep the fire burning where the haggard folks stand

Three square meals for your malnourished ma**es

Every menu that's present is stagnant or plastic

We present a splendid banquet for your pallet

Ample calories for the ravenous and famished

Keep my belly filled with a thirst for fascination

Retail's irrelevant, you can't purchase amazement

Strive for the riches not earned with the wages

A swollen bank roll don't determine my status

Carving a niche with my plough in the dirt

Seeds from my furrowed brow flower in the earth

Take root in the underground, now we emerge

Spoonful of wonderful powering the nerves

Billboard remedies filled with empty promise

March past the paving slabs flecked with the vomit

Plasticine landscape invested with profit

Grayshaded and grim, can't pretend that I want it

Paint the world with my rainbow, splash in the puddles

Dance in a thunderstorm, laugh off your troubles

Cast off yesterday's panic and greed

There's a cabinet of wonders, just ask for the key

[Verse 3]

Yo, I march pavements

Uniform charity shop-bought 'cos of sweat shops and child labour

Getting more fat and more rich off my paper

No weapons on show for the moment

Milk-top medals all spark in the sunlight

Got a blank flag wedged in belt

And I still been hitched to my hip for the drum time

Manifesto tied on my back so I turn another cheek and I still touch numb minds

I'll sun you or shun you

You'll get it if you read

But I can summarise in one line

The meek shall inherit the earth

So you'd better watch out for them quiet ones

Got a steel-toed boot, it's the right one

For any TV screen that is seen on my route

Knees swing, [?] bring truth

And inky black fingers from hours on the tube

I leave their signs stained

Or up go the blinkers, 'cos I ain't letting them in my brain

It's about time times changed

Landslide and the wave brewing down here's tidal

I sound off in silence, march head high with my mind on the signs and the cycles