majestic flow


f** the five, feel the static, I'm bringing in the panic

MC's approach like groupies, believe crazy frantic

I'm burning out my cells, (..?..) bells and ring alarms

Got more luck than charms 'cause the mic'll break your arm

Aleikum a salaam to all my peeps across the seas

Feel my presence and the breeze when you hear rhymes like these

Please, my thoughts expand like oceans over planets

No matter how the f** I put it you still can't understand it

(?) 'cause I can't stand all that fake-o

I'm going all out like the white boy from (...?...)

b**hes on my dick like the hair on my testicles

It's the Mr. Vandal turning shows into festivals

That nocturnal creature'll come around and get a portion

I'm taking n***as out like a f**ing abortion

I represent (?) I get blessed with (?)

I penetrate lyrical (?) through the vest

I got the..