[Verse 1: ADONi]

See my spit game?

...So eruptive

Now you can't

Just not mess with



Loves always free

So don't care opinions

Um, no not suspicious

Girl game too vicious

Add her to my hit list

You could never hit this

The only thing you can catch is something smelling like fishes

The only thing that you can be is a b**hes misses

Watch out for u get hit

Bang bang I don't miss

Good gang what I mess with

Your gang like s**s sh**

Two things that I care about

Is blowing commas and your chick

Say thats really savage

When you start getting that cabbage

She a ten to you

But to me is quite average

[Pre-Hook: ADONi & CLBTS]

She call me papi

She call me papi

We in the hotel

You in the lobby

She call me papi

She call me papi

You in that Ford

Boy I'm in that Rari

[Hook: CLBTS]

She call me papi (x7)

Thats right she call me papi

Papi papi...

Papi yea...

Call papi!

Call me yeah!

Call papi!

Call me yeah!

Call me, call me, call me yeah!

[Verse 2: ADONi]

Since the 10th grade

I Ain't been the same

Since the 10th grade

Ive up pull game


Since the 10th grade

I take the place of your name

Can't behave

Well I'll just take your girl mane

Most of you n***as don't know

Just like santa man i got 3 hoes

If love is a game than i got cheat codes

I'll never change just me & my woes

And my plug man he only puffing o's

Gotta lotta checks with a hole lotta o's

Boy you only getting x's while I'm only getting 0's

Ain't really do a whole lot of shows

But I bet your girl knows more of my bars than I know...

(Boy I'm cole)

Strangely enough I got less cons than I got pros

Used to have a lot of problems but you know the lord knows