adrian duke
just as a dream

We never are well

As solace as the beat

Another hour, a better day

A better stop, another week

I doubt you held onto a dream

I doubt I'd hold on too, so long

Live a life with you

Chasing all that is wrong

It don't matter if you win or lose

I dare ya

Bet you gossip too

Well you can take my home

You can make it go away

But as I worship your words

As the wisdom of the day

Well, I know what it is

What it isn't I must do girl

Is to play my sound just once

Inside of you

Cause there ain't no life girl, I know

But I care about what you been sown

There's more to life than doing

What your momma said was soothin'

I've done dreamed just once

What's inside of you

'Bout time, I wanna start over

In a young boy kind of town

Sho' gon' meet that sage

Find that piece of mind

Where no one understands me

I guess that means you too, girl

Just let me dream, just once

Inside of you

[Instrumental Solo]

Don't want no one to own me

Anything's just a state of mind

All your words of wisdom

They don't mean a dime

Where no one understands me

I guess that means you too, girl

Lemme dream just one time girl

Inside of you

Can't everybody live without a soul, yeah

Can't love together without making a sound

Can't get by on a western soul lover

A motor makin' love, just lay it down

Ain't no lie

Cause I know

Like a candle

Blind, you've been scolded, honey

What's that you've been doin'

Life ain't more than groovin'

It'd be much more fun

Inside of you