this generation

[Verse 1 - Fashawn]

I came out the gate, 1988

Pops was out to skate

Momma said she was late

Still Even with his absence I had to adjust

With the madness grew up

A little quicker than your average

Cause limitations I ain't had none

A young black kid

Brainwashed by rap and rock

VCRs, I had the Magnavox

Back in high school, we had the campus locked

Non grad, didn't have to drop out but

We needed something to believe in

When we were living for the weekend

Teacher said we wouldn't be sh**

Not bad for some heathens


Thanks for the lack of faith

In judging what I do

This generation

Ain't nothing I can say

What can I tell to you

This generation

[Verse 2: MURS & Fashawn]

They say we ain't playing with a full deck

They let us down, why they upset


Nothing but the naked truth, I feel undressed

21 gun salute for young vets


Rodney King did what he had to

Now these white girls get to date black dudes


Shorty's into rosaries and rap feuds

Young n***as with snapbacks and tattoos


We fast food, sell a lot of kush

If you rap dude, getting hella push


Missed the Reagan era, but we got Bush

Talking 'bout the same spot that Barack took


My generation on some other sh**

Getting faded while we waiting on the mothership


And not dependent on the government

To teach this generation how to love again


[Verse 3]

We used to read guns and ammo

Crack c**aine left the hood in shambles

On the streets of Lynwood

Gang bang insane, the gang was in hood

Piru, crip

Don't ever let your Jheri curl drip

When the winters don't end

When the homie's big brother just shot his best friend

Hit him right through the chest

At the school, at the crib, playing Russian roulette

And you wonder why we do what we do for the set

Any given moment homie, you could be next

It's what we do for respect

Cause this generation got a noose on its neck

We let it all hang out