adrija lokesh
crazy love tribute to michael hutchence

verse 1 hello crazy love , lets head out

to the stoned age laugh out loud empty bottles where are they gone ?

whisky's been a friend to/for many towns there's a rumor that we're going down

our lives are nothing but sand on the ground so unfaithful you are to me

your heart is aching , but you're stoned to see chorus 1 losing every battle , with a bag of c**aine then finding out comfort in a bed full of pain

whisky bottle will find its own way

exit your imagination hanging over (the) domain verse 2 hello crazy love , light up one more

find yourself , and/ before you close the door I've asked around , there's a sheriff in town / there's a new guy in town / a new guy's in town /

he says no/yes to d** , yes to guns , he's gonna burn this damn town verse 3 hello crazy love where you've been

hiding in the corridor , of the hotel (where) you were k**ed your body lies , naked on the floor

if only you were stoned , you could have lived once more chorus 2 black clouds of the season , pretends to be your slave

finding out some pleasure in every barrel of pain

mirrors of December ,hell freezes again