adrija lokesh
reinventing myself

Blankly staring at the street

Thinking of all I need

Nothing really comes into my mind All the crazy ideas that were there

All the stories I wanted to share

They've just vanished with the time I can feel the wind on my face

In this weird kind of daze

There's a whirlwind on nothingness I don't know what to do

Sit around or play it cool

Maybe I could just stare at my shoes Pre chorus- This emptiness just keeps coming around like

Coming around like

The past just keeps haunting me like

Haunting me like Chorus- I don't wanna be the object you made of me

No I don't wanna be the same

So I'm just gonna lie around today

I'm just reinventing myself Talk about day after today

Have to wake up to a new play

All the characters are brand new But that's just in my head

"It's a dream", having that said

Be lost in the same Now I'm back in my bed

Staring at the ceiling, like I said

Exploring this nothingness I'm in I'm glad you left me this way

To myself not I have all day