age of agony
xiii century

Praise the God, accept the Evil

Pay the price of life as I will

Sing the psalms and pray for me!

You'll be free as only I can be!

The priest am I of the only hope

The servant of the only pope

I live like you and others live

Give me your gold, but I won't give!

This place is holy you can't hurt me

Your eyes are clear so you can see

That God protects me from your anger!

Don't speak a word! You shouldn't slander!

Drop your sword or you will burn

From your mistakes should you learn!

My person's holy, also the place

I see the fear in your face

Save your life don't be a fool

You're nothing more as a thinking tool!

God is your lord, the noble one

You can leave, the preach is done!

See this temple read the Bible

Wait for the coming arrival

Face to face I lie to you

That's the way I have to do!