born in stereo

[Verse 1]

I was born in a stereo!

Hearing beats and rhymes everywhere I go!

Moms and pops could never ever stop the flow

Music in my soul

That's the scenario!

The first day

Make a big wish cause it's my birthday

I wanna make songs, yes in the worst way! Hay!!

In the stereo

Me and my people float round like a merry-go Hah!

I got the funk in my soul call me the funk guardian

Catch me in the club partying, sipping a bit of "Aahh!" Bacardi and

Hollaring, bouncing!

Flowing like water from a fountain

I got news to spread I'm out the box

Let me change my diapers on these blocks

I be dropping like chicken pocks

I got brothers bumping to it. Like it or not

See I said goodbye to my bro's and my tran-sistors

Told moms and pops "I'm out! I need something more!!"

You see I'm circuit board and I need something new

I'm curious what everybody else is bumping to


Now the story is told

I was born in a stereo

Cause that vibe in you

Is inside me too

And if you want you got it

But the truth gon' prove

It's inside of you

You can call me when you need me

In the morning or the evening

I'm on the AM or the FM

Just turn me on and that's all

[Verse 2]

I crack the deck

Splashing the sound that'll have you wet

I throw your head back like I snapped your neck

I help relieve stress like y'all caught amnesia

For sure! It's like smoking too much reefer

See people make love to me!

Roll dubs to me!

Tripped out bug to me!

Even old people clap to that

They call me soul food, have 'em snacking that

Back and forth and forth and back

Make the world go round like a Laundromat

I make you get high like you sniffing crack

Whether it's soul or funk some people call it that

Whether it's rock and roll just get off your back

You wanna get live? "Yeah I'm feelin that!"

So born in a stereo!

Everyone's live now here we go


[Verse 3]

Now it's going down!

My head is spinning like a slip mat going round

I hear the DJ calling my name out!

I blow the spot when he pleases then I cross fade out!

Grab my jacket, and head back to the crate

You hear the scratch then I transform to a break

Watch us transform to a break

Now they say I'm crazy oh so instrumental

The way that I grow is exponential

I think I should go promo

"Roc will it ever stop?"

"I don't know ?!"

Now every single word I'm spitting is a testament to

A force that don't hurt when it smack your neck up

I can't let the habit go

But it don't really matter though it's so dope you know


Born in stereo

Hearing beats and rhymes everywhere I go

Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh

Music in my soul that' the scenario

Everyone's live now here we go

We were all born in a stereo

And the vibe in you