oh supaman kryptonite


I'll be on your side whenever it's time

But I'm no superman!


See that ain't my name and I'll be damned if I make that claim, Oh Superman!

You won't find him over here y'all

I ain't the answer to your prayers y'all

Oh superman!


That ain't how I swing!

I'm a regular cat doing my thing!

Oh superman!


Give me room, let me breath!

All my

Want to see me on my knees!

They want to see me flat out on my back

Cause every word I spit is true and got 'em looking wac!

Just cause I'm jumping over buildings

Saving little children

With no rocket nap sack

Just me and my back pack

Don't mean that I'm really a Super civilian

X that yo back track quick

I'm just a rap cat!


I land back on the blocks!

Crotch popping out my pants like Jack in the Box! (Boing!)

I can't help it cause my pants are so tight

I grabbed the wrong pair, of Wonder Woman's last night!

When I seen my sign shine

I fleed to the scene and realized it's not mine!

Damn y'all!

I should toss out the bong and move like a doctor on call

See I'll be there but my car might stall, I thought I told y'all???!!


Look up in the sky yo, it be a fly bro

I'm usually high cause I'm usually puffing HY-dro!

Don't call me superman; nah, I ain't with that!

Just because chickens be rubbing on my six pack!

Hand on my nuts while I fly across the world

Damaging guts

That's how I'm gonna toss your girl

Haters wanna clap me up!

Smack me up!

Just cause I got a little power

People what the f**!