ahmed osama

Just walkin'

A father with his friends was jokin'

He left and turned the head phone on'

Listenin' to his favorite song

The sound , the pits and the dong dong dong

He worked hard to seem in fit

A hard work but he knew that it worth it

5 guys rises them gun out

But they was surprised for what they found

They was five and he was one

That one was protecting his son

Turned to him and ordered him to run

So they started to get near

But there were no fear

Sacrificing himself for his son's tears

Shooted him down

Hitting the ground

His eyes was closin'

His body was frozen

The boy hears the sound

Returned back and shocked from what he found

His father wasn't breathing on the ground

He shouts out loud

Looking around

Swear of god to revenge for his father's d**h

Until his last breath

10 years later… returned home and watching the T.V

Watching the news from A to Z

Saw an interview with Donald Trump

“damn .. this man seems too dump

Swear that this man's a dumpsh**

You don't believe me, wanna bet”

All his friends asking him why

Why he changed to a mysterious guy

No one knew his hard pain

That led him to be insane

Remembering the rain

Remembering his father's sound saying “hid”

Start Watching the news's lies

His feelings was like a tornado

His anger was like a volcano

Caught one of the 5 guys saying ”that wasn't my fault”

Was afraid from the boy's red angry eyeballs

“don't want to die then apologize”

But he knew that these words was lies

Didn't continue the word alive

That he knew he's gonna die

Getting out at night

Searching for criminals to fight

“they call me anus

I can k** you if I want you motherf**en faggots

Criminals shouting out loud saying “help”

You're going to a word ends up with double “L”


“Ahhh we're going to the hill”

(the boy)

“No morons you're going to the motherf**en hell”

How the f** you're k**ers

You're so ridicules

You motherf**en dick

You make me sick

Go to the bar and drink a bottle of Remy martin

A drunk man walking In streets like Eric Cartman