alec hyman
daily verse

All these hip hop artists claiming they make rap

Then why dont they rhymes put your brain in a confusion trap like a maze and a clueless rat

More confusing then miley thinking her a** is fat

Call her twerk the white girl chicken a** attack

See more booty in my fat grandmas crack

Whooah actually i take that one back

That was more backwards then me yelling where the foopas at

Oh wooops but i just said it

b**h dont fear my name dread it

If you dont feel my pain i get it

Nobodys been through the sh** i have

Like dying from taking a fat spice grav

And coming back to life with a bloody knife in my hand

While positing pics of dead bodies on my insta gram

Call this new track real ham

I ain't that knock off sh** call it spam

What do i look like a hawaiian man spreading aloah.. FUCK THAT i don't give a damn my leader is uncle sam

Not kameamea i ain't a native getting played im a player

The guy who's getting payed not the payer

No taxes go my pocket to my mayor

Only to the d** guns and funs in my layer

All the j**s that come call it the seder

All the b**hes like my cum when its in their hair

If you dont like real you won't like my flavor