ali truuth
ted bundle

[ Ali Milicec ]

Ali Milicec's A Raptor Not A Rapper

Stupid Bastards Sink Quick Faster Like Rapture When Finding Out Your Mother Just Pa**ed Away

Im Raps Core A Factor While Screaming f** Actors

I Stab Whores With Sharpened Words And Loft Chords

I Got B-Bars Like I Took A Rabbi Reversed Him And Removed His Left Eye

& Heiniously Viciously Bragged To The Police About His Loose Deeds

Im A Boss Tyke Tycoon Type Moss Grows On The Others Faggots Just Like Loons

AliTruth's Crew Sees Through These Loose Dudes

I Take Beats Abuse Em' Strip Em Straight Nude

Proceed To Blow me Like Buguls That're Brand new

We kick Hard Like Pack Mules

My Pack Packs Punches Like Snack Pack Lunches My Snapback Brushes You Lack Swag Hussies The Facts is Buddy

The Fat Chicks Running In Moshed Tit Hunnies With Wrist Sap Flooding The Front Door Jumping

For Sure She Plusing

To Past Craft Bunnies Of Snapped Neck Cunnings

With My Fat nose Running And Fat Lips Funny Im Black Ted Bundy , b**h

b**hes Backin' Up, Im Barraging Through This b**h With Fat Monologues

Sick Like A Cough From A Patient , Tossin' Molotov's

While She Wasted Off The Cocktail , My Cock Feels Compulsive

Impulses Run Through My mind While

I'm Launching Saws And Analog Swinging My Brown Balls

I'm Pulling These Stunts Off Like My Nicknames Steve-O

Lightin Up Like Lamps While f**in Like A Necro

Lampoon , Unh

[ Truuth ]

Choreography Rhymes p**nography Lies In Hands Of Optimus Prime

Ted Bundy Tactics Partially Blind Prostitutes I f** Them

Hardly Cardigan Shirts

Blood Stained Splattered Like The Nut Of My Dick In Latin p**nstars

f** Tylenol I Chew Styrophome And Iron

High On Krylon Biting On Pythons For Miles Long

Thai Blunts Im Intoxicated Staring At A Stripper

With Knee High Heels Drunk And Just Full On Constipation

Whats My Obligation To Pop Open A Box Of Chopped Up Rocks

And I Pop Em in Tops Of Bongs And Smoke Em

Prostitues I Choke Em Albert Fish Mixed With Bundy Im Such A f**in' Pile Of sh**

To America They Can't Fondle With

They Feel I Speak Gibberish But Im On Some n***a sh**

Grabbing Some Pencils And f**ing Up little Kids

Ali Milicec And Black Ignorance

f** A Microphone Ill use Ribs With The Pubic Hair From A Clitoris

This Mischief Is Limitless Dangerous In Predicaments

Aimless Hittin' Citizens of course I got some sh**

Goin on inside of my biligerant life im so timid and humerous I will kid as im doin hilary clintons clit

Its no point of you even slipping in this disc if you ain't with this bizarre lyricist

Thats like fighting a blind midget

Im tired of it

Im despising the sh**

No compromising in this

My dick is used by wires and clips

Im so high and im tense

Type bored from lyers and sh**

Spitting corny and making tiring hits its kind of embara**ing

Im more talented than these average kids talking nonsense and battling

Acting as if truth couldn't answer it

This cancerous patient with nautica pants and ralph lauren basic swag

Im making mask to disguise and throw tank of gas

Im on my black ted bundy holding a bundle of coke